From the Summer 2018 issue of Bluewater Yacht Sales’ OnBoard Magazine:

The low light of Spring Break ’91 was Dad and I being airlifted from our boat trip to the hospital. Our injuries weren’t life-threatening, but serious. It took quite a concert of first responders to get us to the nearest marina.

From there we were ambulanced to a makeshift helipad (a sandy softball field in Boca Grande, Florida) before truly being on our way to treatment via air. It was a lengthy extraction coordinated over VHF—an event that puts the seriousness of more critical onboard traumas into sharp perspective for me.

Through that lens, this won’t be another checklist about keeping your boat’s fire extinguishers and flares up-to-date. Sure, that’s always important, but we’re going to discuss next-level preparedness here. We’re talking about responding favorably to a grisly injury or life-threatening condition; grave situations that need capably triaged while the nearest help is still hours—or even days—away.

Marine Emergency Kits articleWhen an accident happens on the water, you and your crew need to be mentally prepared to stay calm and physically equipped to steer the situation toward a positive outcome. Beyond your mandatory flares, throw-ables and life jackets, there’s a whole range of extraordinary products and services that can greatly boost your preparedness and survivability. Continue Reading from OnBoard Magazine