The time is now to sway Florida politicians to do the right thing

There is a concerted “Now or Neverglades” effort being organized this week to be heard on the harmful Lake Okeechobee discharges. Hundreds of Florida interest groups such as Captains for Clean Water, Everglades Trust, and many more organizations are asking for citizens to take action and contact their local and state officials. The goal is to try and put immense public pressure on Governor Scott to step in and ensure that the South Florida Water Management District properly designs the EAA reservoir as envisioned by Florida SB 10.

In short, powerful forces continue to fight against the “optimal configuration” of the reservoir that SB10 calls for.

Please take a minute to contact Governor Scott’s office today, and urge him to cancel leases on 18,000 acres of taxpayer land (our land) immediately so we can have a reservoir that will actually stop the Lake O discharges that have been so harmful to both coasts.