Water Quality and Anchored Boats Raising Concerns in Bimini Basin

The City of Cape Coral’s consultant held the first of two public sessions on establishing a mooring field on Tuesday April 3rd. On Wednesday April 4th, the city announced to local news stations that the cardboard boat race cannot take place in the basin.

The shut-down is due to high levels of bacteria that indicate fecal contamination in the water. The sailboats anchored in the basin suspected of dumping waste, whether there is any direct evidence or not.

Property owners nearby have long wanted to see the live-a-boards run out or regulated via a mooring field. There are big plans for redevelopment in the area, including possibly the waterfront at Four Freedoms Park.

In an April 5 News-Press story, city councilman John Cariscocia is on record suggesting he would support an all-out ban on mooring in the basin, “You’re not allowed to moor in canals. Why can’t we extend that prohibition to any mooring in the basin, which is just an extension of the canals? We want to put together an ordinance. Whatever it takes, we’re going to do.”

I reached out to the councilman via email for clarification on those remarks, but did not receive a response. Its unclear if he understands the difference between mooring and anchoring.

A second public info session on the mooring field is scheduled for May 1, 2018 at the Chester Street Resource Center. Then the City Council will have two hearings on June 4 and 11. The second meeting will likely conclude with a vote.

You can learn more about the plan, the event times and locations, and submit comments on the matter at capecoralmooringfield.com.

At any rate, the local news outlets are having a lot of fun writing corny poop headlines/punchlines right now.