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Why the ForShore Network is Necessary

Being on the water is pretty much all I can think about. I’ve spent my lifetime boating, and the last 15 years of my career in marine marketing. Some guys can ID every car that drives by; not me. That’s how I’ve always been with boats… and my colleagues at ForShore know their stuff too.

Bahamas flat
Jason Pim

ForShore isn’t all about me, but it’s a fairly large part of our “why” at this early stage. So here goes: I’ve been boating, sailing and fishing in South Florida and the Bahamas my whole life. I’ve sketched, designed and built things on computers for most of that time too.

Luckily, I’ve worked with terrific mentors, people and companies who have allowed me to combine these passions. Over this time, I’ve noticed a lot of concerning changes in South Florida and the boating industry as a whole.

Trouble on the Horizon

These converging trends are making it  more difficult to sustain the boating lifestyle.

It’s getting harder to afford a boat, and waterfront property is increasingly out of reach.

If the boating industry wants to thrive, we have to keep boats, service and storage more reasonably priced for newcomers. We also need to fight property speculation and retain easy access to popular boating destinations.

Simply put, we need to find ways to make boating more simple and convenient.

“Boat ownership should be more convenient.”

It is my hope, my passion, my prayer, that ForShore can help ease some of these pains.

As I idle through some of the 400 miles of canals in my hometown, gazing at all the empty docks and boat lifts, I am certain that we can make a difference.

That’s where the idea behind the ForShore network of private dock rentals was born. This is why we are ForShore.

mangrove shoreline

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